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Mar 27 2013, 12:40 AM
Definitely aggravated about this, I thought Lindsey Morgan was a vast improvement over Lexi Ainsworth as Kristina. She looked like she could be Alexis & Sonny's daughter unlike Ainsworth who only resembled Alexis. She wasn't great but I think all of the hate I've seen for her wasn't worth it, but everyone is entitled to their own opinion. I hope to God that Kristen Alderson doesn't take over the part, although I wouldn't be surprised if that is what happens with Alderson coming back as a brunette. If that doesn't happen GH should recast with someone with more acting experience. I'd choose Brittany Underwood (ex-Langston Wilde Cramer, ONE LIFE) or Melissa Fumero (ex-Adriana Cramer, ONE LIFE).

Agree about Trey. Killing him off was beyond stupid esp. with Kate not getting to know her son. Erik Valdez won me over and turned out to be a pretty good actor, although I always thought they had Trey too young.
I warmed up to Kristina with her in the role but I never got the impression that the writers had any use for the character. I didn't get all the hate for her acting with all the over actors currently on GH. She really stood out more once they killed Trey off. That character was so unnecessary and I found EV way too old looking to play Kate's son or a 25 year old.

Melissa Fumero is a lead in a pilot right now and I don't remember RC and his writers writing well for her when she was on OLTL.

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