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Just watched the whole show. Chloe is a disgusting bitch. I am rooting for her destruction. Sorry Chloe fans...I don't really care about what she does to Danifer, but throwing up Nicole's dead son in her face? Maybe it's because I love Nicole, but NO ONE pulls that shit on Nicole and gets away with it. I don't care if you are Alice Horton -- Saint Peter --- I don't care. Don't fuck with Nicole's babies.

Lawd.... Kristen also looked like hell. First it's that ugly-ass dress, then it's her WAY too dark eyebrows that contrast her peroxide hair. Fire your stylist, sweetums. It IS cute how she and Brady match, but this story is so sucky that if it wasn't for her natural chemistry with EM, then she'd need to go along with Chloe. She's repetitive at this point. BUT, Kristen is salvagable because of her chemistry with Brady, so she can stay. Just give Bristen a more tolerable plotline after the shit hits the fan.

Rate? Ok for a ONS, but now I hope it ends. SOON. They gross me out. And not because of the age difference, either. Let's get this out in the open, let everyone find out, and move Rafe onto a different storyline in the coming months.
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