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Only until she got her back. Sami is with daughters a lot like she is with men... she's all about them and obsesses over them until she gets them & then she moves on to the next thing she wants but doesn't have.
I think that's basically how she is with all her kids. She pretty much forgot she had Will from the time the SamKate feud ended until 2010.

I don't think Will has been there when Nick told people that Will gave up the baby because of Sami, so it's not like he's sticking to a predetermined script - actually, who has Nick said that to?
Well, that was his go to "reason" for when he blackmailed Will in front of Lucas, Sami, EJ and Sonny. And he tried to whip that excuse out with Gabi but even she didn't buy it. He's counting on people believing the "Sami's a crazy bitch and must be kept from the child at all costs" excuse. But he keeps forgetting, that even if many people hate Sami, they still love and adore Will.
Okay, Gabi counts for what I'm asking, but not the people in the room, since none of them actually thought Will chose to sign over his rights. What I really wanted to know was whether Will had to keep up appearances by throwing Sami under the bus because there was someone out there who'd heard that story from Nick.
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