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Mar 27 2013, 03:54 PM
Kate pressures Gabi with legal papers

If Gabi really wants her friend Will to be in his daughter's life, then she should have no problem signing any legal papers that would guarantee that. Will is her "friend" right. :eyeroll:

EJ, Sami, and Will come together to organize Nick's downfall

No Sonny. :(
Either Will continues to keep Stefano's thing secret :whack: or he tells Sonny but Sonny decides that he just can't get on board this plan.

I know every Wilson fan has been complaining about their lock of emotional and/or intimate scenes these past few days. As annoying as it is to see that for me too, I know the writers had to be doing that for a reason. I believe that reason is to show Will neglecting Sonny and their relationship in this baby drama. Today's scene of Will not acknowledging Sonny when he said that there are other good things in his life and not wanting to spend some drama free time with Sonny furthers that theory. Plus, they are keeping secrets from each other and they may have fights over it. This would leave Sonny open for Brian.

The actor who plays T put spoilers about setting Brian up with his girlfriend's brother in April awhile ago on his twitter. They were setting that up today I think. Otherwise, why mention T all of sudden. These spoilers were not confirmed by anyone and the actor deleted it right away. Today confirms it a bit. I think that Sonny is going to go to that game with T and his girlfriend. They might see Brian there and Sonny and Brian might hit it off. I think T witnessing that helps him decide to set Brian up with his girlfriend's brother to keep Brian away from Sonny. This might also help to make Will jealous and also tie up the loose ends from Brian's appearance before.
You may have a point about Sonny, T, and Will. I thought there was something about Brian supposedly being back in April. I think too that Will and Sonny may have some problems because of this latest development and T is going to help them somehow. Your suggestion sounds logical.
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