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Didn't care much for today's show.

Had to FF through Dannifer.... couldn't stand the "love" scenes.. .again. This couple needs to go and fast.
Couldn't stand to see that fugly outfit on Kristen again. She is getting on my nerves with her head bobbing and her rubbing her tongue on her teeth. Brady is such an idiot.. it's beyond belief. This whole Bristen thing is getting old... move it on.
Time to move on from Rafe and Kate. I was willing to buy the ONS and even the 2nd go round the next morning, but this is stupid. Unless there is a real reason for this pairing, end it and move Rafe on to another story already.
Chloe... there are no words. They have further ruined her character, and I didn't even think that was possible. The storyline is horrible and her acting matches.
Wilson was Ok, but again here go the lies between them. Will isn't telling Sonny about asking Stefano for help and Sonny isn't telling Will about Rafe and Kate.
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