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Director: Phil Sogard
Scriptwriter: Jeanne Marie Ford

Segment 1: Kristen follows Brady into the DiMera mansion living room. I blew it. Brady - No, you were trying to help. Kristen - I should have known it was a really stupid idea. Since when can we have a rational conversation with John and Marlena. Brady has a headache but he doesn't want aspirin - he starts kissing her. Someone watches through the patio doors.

Will and Sonny are in the square. Will comments that Sonny seems disturbed. Did you see something; hear something. Cue f/b of Sonny walking in on Kate and Rafe kissing. Will - Tell me.

Rafe finds Kate at the coffeehouse. She tells him that Evan says Sonny will be here shortly. Rafe - You're waiting for him? Take a breath. No need to panic. Kate - It's a little late for that don't you think? Did you see the expression on Sonny's face when he walked in on us? Can you imagine if he would have come in about 2 mins later. Rafe - Yeah, let's not think about that. Kate - What we need to think about is who he's going to tell because if he opens his mouth ... Rafe - What? Kate - It's over.

Sonny - You're right. I don't want to have secrets between us so I'll tell you the truth. Will - Truth about? Sonny - Rafe and Kate.

Dan wakes Jennifer with the aroma of a fresh cup of coffee. They banter. Jen asks him when he woke up. He never went to sleep. More chatter and then kisses.

Chloe paces - cue f/b of her at the Horton cabin. She's going to head out but she steps on one of Parker's toys and breaks it. She leaves.

Jen guesses they should get up. Dan thinks they worked so hard to get here they should never have to leave. Jen feels the same. More kisses.

Chloe is outside the pub talking on her cell to Parker. I miss you so much. Are you enjoying your trip? Good. I promise I'll see you soon. Chloe gets Parker to give Grandma the phone. How did he do on the plane? Nancy - He slept the entire flight. Chloe - I told you, didn't I? I hope you got some rest because you're going to be busy. Text me when everything's ready. Nancy - Yes sweetheart but before we get in too deep are you absolutely sure about this? Chloe - Mom, would you please stop asking me that. I need to know that I can count on you to do what needs to be done. Nicole - What needs to be done Chloe?

Segment 2: Chloe ends her call. Nicole - Who were you talking to and yes I'm being nosy. Chloe - Don't you have habits to iron or haloes to stack; anything other than eavesdropping on me. Nicole - I wasn't eavesdropping, I was walking. I know you have nothing better to do in your life that needs to be done other than diapers, dishes and oh ... Daniel. Let me guess, you've got another crazy scheme to win him back.

Jen and Dan declare their love. Jen is really happy. So is Dan. Dan notices his phone. I never showed up at the conference. I never even called the guy to let him know. There's one more thing I need to do to make things right for us and I promise you I will.

Will - Rafe and Kate, what about them? Lucas rushes up. Good to see you. How are you guys doing? I'm not interrupting, am I? Sonny - No. Will - You were just about to tell me ... Sonny - It's no big deal, not at all. Lucas - If it's about Nick or Gabi we'd really like to hear about it. Will - I don't think it is though. Lucas - Come on Will. We're going to go through this custody battle ... Will - It's not a custody battle. I signed away my parental rights, that's it. Lucas - I know it looks like Nick has won for now but there's got to be a way for you to spend time with your own daughter, right? So Sonny if you know anything, anything at all that could help, now's the time.

Rafe - What do you mean it's over? Kate - If Stefano finds out; if Sami finds out ... Rafe - It's a little late for that, don't you think? Besides Sami went back to the mansion with EJ and Stefano. The last time I checked you were half-way divorced, right? Kate - Right. Rafe - So what's Stefano going to do, kill us? Kate - Maybe. Rafe chuckles. At least we'll get to enjoy the looks on their faces before he does. Kate - So now you're joking, right? Rafe - No. You know as well as I do that it's impossible to keep a damn secret in this town. Kate - Okay I think what you're forgetting is that your little sister is pregnant with Will's baby. Rafe - What does that have to do with us? Kate - Well it's kind of a Montague and Capulet story on steroids and I don't think they need us as a complication, do you?

Brady wants to add his and Kristen's DNA to the DiMera sofa. Whoa, I could have sworn I saw someone out there. Brady goes to check.

Segment 3: Brady doesn't see anything but he swears to God he saw something moving out here. Brady wants to take up where they left off. Kristen puts a halt to things. He has a headache, he clearly needs sustenance so she called ahead to have cook prepare something special. Kristen lets him know they have the mansion to themselves. They kiss.

Sonny - Gabi says she wants Will to be able to see the baby. Lucas - That's great but what did Nick say about it? Will - That's an excellent question. Lucas - Does Gabi know what Nick did and how he got you to sign away custody. Will - No, but she knows I didn't want to do it. Lucas - Well she's going to find out, isn't she? She's got to. She's living with the guy who's blackmailing you and raising your child. Lucas gets a call - he has to close this deal, sorry. I'm going to stay on top of this, okay? Will - Thanks. Lucas steps away to take the call. Will - Obviously whatever you have to tell me you didn't want my Dad to know. Sonny - Yeah, I didn't. It's not my place to tell him but with you it's a different story.

Dan and Jen are getting dressed. She hands him his cell. You missed a call. He picks up the phone and she sees his expression. It's from Chloe, isn't it? Dan - Probably wants to know where I am. Jen - She didn't leave you a message? Dan - No, but I have a message for her. As long as we are here it's like the rest of the world does not exist but when we go back you know Chloe will be waiting. Jen - I know. I really don't want to think about that. Dan - And you know that I've tried to make her understand that there is no way, no chance, that she and I are ever ... Jen knows. Dan - This time boundaries are going to be made crystal clear. Jen - Except with Chloe the Berlin Wall is just a minor roadblock. Dan - Don't you worry. I know what it takes to get through to her and I promise you no more games, no more lies ... nothing! As much as I hate to leave here I want to be on the next ferry 'cause the sooner I set her straight, the sooner we can start our lives together.

Chloe - Are you still obsessing about Daniel. That's so pathetic even for you. Nicole - Wait a minute, Daniel is my friend and I don't want to see him get hurt. I don't want to see you get hurt! Chloe - Oh what, the sweet, self-righteous Jennifer, she's not going to ruin his life. Nicole - No more than you did. Chloe - Wow! You couldn't wait to gloat that I didn't get the spot on the St Luke's music committee. Why? Because I have talent, drive and a plan for the future. Friends shouldn't be jealous of friends. Nicole - I am not jealous of you. Chloe - If you think that misery likes company then you're wrong because I'm never going to be alone and pitiful like you are because I have a son; something that you'll never be able to give Daniel or anyone else for that matter. Nicole - OMG Chloe, take that back. Chloe - Well it's true. If you don't want to hear it you should have just kept on walking. You know I'm the only one left in this town that even gives a damn about you and you had to push me away. Why? Because you can't stand either one of us being happy. Instead of helping me you deliberately stood in my way and now Jennifer has moved right on in. Nicole - What do you mean I stood in your way and Jennifer's moved in, what does that even mean?

Kate - How do you think Will is going to deal with this? Rafe - He survived you and Stefano, didn't he? Listen Will has a lot of other things on his mind right now. Kate - That's true. Will is probably the least of our problems. Rafe - Which is exactly what I thought. You're really worried about Stefano, aren't you? Kate - Aren't you? Rafe - The way I see it there's not much else he can do to me that he hasn't already tried. Kate - Are you sure about that? Rafe - He's the one who divorced you, isn't he? What does he expect? That you put the rest of your life on hold? Kate - That's exactly what he expects. I think things are getting so complicated with Stefano and Sami and Will, maybe we should ... Rafe - What? Kate - Maybe we should just end this. Rafe - Is that what you really want? Kate - No. Sonny and Will come in. Will - Grandma ... Rafe and Kate greet him. Will - You don't have to pretend. Sonny already told me.

Segment 4: Sonny - I'm sorry if I was out of line. I just thought that Will should know that the both of you are in the loop about Will signing over his parental rights. I didn't want him to think that he needed to keep anything from you. Will - I'm sorry Grandma. I know you're disappointed in me and you should be after what you went through with Austin and Billie. Kate - Honey, this is your life. It's not my life, it's your life and I know whatever choice you made it's because you felt it was the only thing you could do. Will - Could I just have a minute with Rafe privately? Kate - With Rafe? Yeah, sure. Sonny and Kate walk away. Kate - So you didn't say anything? Sonny - No. Who do you think I am; Perez Hilton? Rafe - Will, there's something I want to say ... Will - Let me go first. Rafe - Okay. Will - I know this is a huge relief for you. Rafe - Why would you even say that! Will - I get it. After the abortion clinic and the wedding, all the stupid things I did and the things you said, I understand I'm the last person you want around Gabi and the baby.

Dan and Jen arrive at the square. Jen would go with him for moral support but she thinks she would make things worse. Dan - I think Chloe needs to hear it from me and only me. Jen is going to get her car and then she'll see him later. Dan - Your place sound good? It does. Dan will be there. He's feeling incredibly lucky right now. They kiss. After Jen leaves Dan calls Chloe and leaves her a message. Call me, it's important.

Chloe - What do I mean? You're standing here saying Jennifer's won and I've lost. Well you're wrong. Nicole - Am I? Chloe - Yes. I'm the one who's going to win and I don't need your help. And I certainly don't need you dragging me down either. Nicole - You're right, you don't need me at all. Chloe - You know what, Daniel doesn't want you in his life so that means I don't want you in my life either. Nicole - Okay. I'll stand back and bask in the satisfaction of watching you implode. You're not going to get what you want. Daniel may be too good for me but he's a million times to good for you. She leaves. Chloe yells - What, that's it! Yeah, walk away. That's what you do because you're a loser but I'm not! Cue f/b. I'll never quit.

Segment 5: Chloe strolls through the square. She sees that she has missed a call from Daniel.

Kristen and Brady are eating in the living room. Kristen suggests going to bed early. Brady likes that suggestion. She asks him where he went last night, he never told her. Brady went to St Luke's. We're engaged, we've got to start preparing for the ceremony, right? Kristen - Without the bride? Brady went to talk to Eric - a brother to brother chat. He was much cooler than I thought he'd be. How could he not appreciate what you've done for St Luke's. Kristen - He fired me from the board! Brady - In any case I don't think you need to worry about him at all. For one, his advice to me was do what you want and don't worry about what anyone else thinks. Brady persuades Kristen to try some of his food. She thinks there might be only one thing in the world better than this ... she gets up and kisses him. The doorbell rings. Kristen goes to the door. It's Daniel. I hope I didn't come at the wrong time? Brady - What's going on? Dan - I'm just looking for Chloe. Brady - She's not here. Dan - I didn't think she was. She's teaching a music class right now. I had some time so I thought I'd come over here and thank you in person. Kristen - For what? Dan - For helping me get my life back.

Kate - I didn't mean to imply that you were being indiscreet. I just assumed ... Sonny - That we tell each other everything? We do. Kate - But. Sonny - But right now I'm still dealing with the image of the two of you in Gabi's room. Gabi's room, really? What's that about? Kate - Is that really important? Rafe - Will, Gabi's my baby sister. She's family but so are you. You always will be and I would hate to see you torn out of that baby's life. Will - Really? Rafe - Yes, really and I know that Gabi feels the exact same way. We've talked about it. Will - I am glad Gabi feels that way but Nick ... Kate comes back. I know someone pressured you to sign away your parental rights and I want to know who, when and why and what we can do about it.

Kristen - So you talked things over with Jennifer. Oh, oh, maybe more than talked. Dan - Let's just say we worked things out but if it hadn't been for you clueing me in on the misunderstanding we wouldn't be where we are right now. Kristen - I guess I can add matchmaker to my resume. Dan - Don't act like it's nothing. To find true love once in this lifetime ... but to find it again! Brady - I know what you mean. I'm assuming that's why you're looking for Chloe. Dan - Yeah. I know you're her friend ... Brady - You do what you have to do. Dan - You better believe I will.

Chloe gets a text from Nancy and replies. Tell him I miss him too. This will all be over soon and then life will be good again.

Segment 6: Jen calls Abby from home leaving her a message letting her know that everything is oh so good. She removes the necklace Dan gave her and smiles.

Dan notices Kristen's ring - Is that what I think it is? Congratulations. Brady - Thanks. Dan - The four of us will go out and celebrate. Brady - We'd love to. We're not really getting that reaction around town. Kristen - Anything other than abject horror! Brady - We appreciate your support. Dan - Likewise. He notices Brady rubbing the back of his head. Are you okay? Brady - It's just a headache. It's been coming and going. Dan - Get it checked out. Make an appointment. Brady insists it's nothing. Dan - Maybe it's stress, you could be right but on the other hand it wasn't that long ago you had a head injury due to getting beaten pretty bad by those thugs. Kristen recalls paying those thugs off. Dan - Kristen, would you talk to your fiance and get him to make an appointment with a neurologist. Kristen - Of course.

Will - I don't know that there's anything we can do about it. Kate - Nick works for me. I can make sure ... Will - Calm down, please. Kate - I still don't get it. Why does he have a problem with you being a part of your child's life. Will - Because he's afraid my mom's going to go off the deep end again. He wants to remove her from the picture. Rafe - You're telling me this is all about Sami. Lucas comes in. Will - Yes. Kate - I still don't get why you would agree to that Will. Lucas - Mom, I'm glad I ran into you. I really need to talk to you. Kate - I'm right in the middle of something here. Lucas - There's a 5 million dollar deal on the line right now, I need your help. Kate - Alright. Rafe has to head to the station. Kate tells Will they haven't finished this yet. Will - Grandma's not going to back down so what do I say. Sonny - Anything but the truth. Will - Come to think of it why can't I tell her what Nick has over me. Sonny - Cause she'll fire Nick and Nick will send you to prison. That's going to make everything worse; for your dad, for you, for your daughter. Will - I know. Sonny - Let's just hope your Dad can get her to back off. Will - If he doesn't then I'm going to have to find another way to keep this secret. Kate - 5 million dollar deal, huh? Lucas - Did you see the look on his face when you were asking him those questions. You need to back off now. Kate - Why? Oh so you can't tell me, is that it? I could do so much to help him. Who does he have on his side? You and Sami? Lucas - Yeah that's right. Kate - Oh. Is that what you were doing snooping around in the evidence room. That is amateur hour! I can ... Lucas - You can not help. Kate - How do you know that? Obviously Nick is holding something terrible over his head and you think Will has done something that I would judge. I would never do that. Lucas - It has nothing to do with that. Kate - Why won't you tell me? Lucas - Because if you get involved in this you're going to hurt Will even more. Now is that what you want? Kate - No.

Segment 7: Will watches Kate - she's outside now. Sonny finishes a call with T. Yes I will ask him and let you know. That was T. He needs us for a basketball game tomorrow. He keeps on bragging how you guys used to dominate the court. Did you hear me? Will - Yes. T and basketball. I'm not really up for it. Sonny - It will be a lot of fun. It will distract you from the stuff going on with Nick and Gabi. Will - Yeah, it's not really stuff. Sonny - Sorry. I know it's important. I know it's serious but you also have some other good stuff in your life. I know that Gabi and I have our differences but I do believe what you told you dad; that she will make sure no matter what those papers say that you'll be part of your daughter's life. Will - Well Nick ... Sonny - Don't worry about Nick. He's not going to be able to control Gabi when it comes to that baby. At least I hope not. Also, I'm sorry that Kate found out. Will - That's okay. It's not your fault. She was going to find out sooner or later. Sonny - I was going to tell you sooner but I couldn't find you. Will recalls speaking to his mother. Will - I had to handle some stuff.

Outside Kate is on her cell with Rafe who's at the police station. I thought you should know that Sonny isn't going to say anything but it is harder and harder to keep on coming up with excuses when people see us together. Rafe - So. Kate - So when Sonny walked into the room and saw us it just made me realise that ending this is really the right thing to do before it gets too complicated. Rafe - I guess there's nothing I can say to change your mind then. Kate - No. Rafe - Well I guess the only thing left to say is goodbye. Kate - Goodbye.

Kristen tries to convince Brady to call the doctor right now. He refuses because his headache is gone. It was probably just stress. Kristen - So you're saying all you need is to relax? Brady was thinking that since Daniel knows maybe we should tell some other people around town about it. Kristen - You mean like Victor? Brady - Exactly. Kristen - Do you want me to go with you? Brady - You could bring a defibulator. That might help. Kristen is sorry he has to choose between her and his family. Brady - There's no choice. I love you, that's the end of that story. He leaves. The doorbell rings. Kristen opens the door to one of the muggers. What are you doing here? Sy - Don't worry, I waited until he left. Now it's just me and you.

Dan lets himself into his apt and calls out for Chloe.

Jen opens the door to find Chloe standing there.
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