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I watched the whole episode today. Can't wait for the nurse's ball. Love all scenes with Patrick/Liz. Lucy makes me laugh. Fun to see Richard Simmons and Maks. Today felt very old school soaps, in a good way. Feeling of community and some camp, but also great friendships and drama. I felt so bad for Rafe. He's like little orphan Oliver.

I really hope Nikolas stays on the show. I didn't realize how much I missed him until I saw him again. And that short scene between Niz in the hospital had me tearing up. I didn't like the Niz affair, because the writing was so thin and OOC. But I re watched their scenes in YouTube, and they have great chemistry and history. If Lucky really isn't coming back, I wonder if they would have a Niz/Quiz triangle. But I don't know if either Nik or Liz would allow themselves to go there again. So many possibilities if Nik stays!

I wonder if TPTB have another vet surprise waiting for us? Like Lucky coming to perform. Or a Stefano return!!! The actor is free and my heart can keep wishing ;-)

So glad the current regime is heading GH's 50th rather than Guza.
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