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Viewing Single Post From: DR Countdown: Best Hair and Wardrobe Fails
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Mar 28 2013, 10:58 AM
Who can forget about Howie's plaid jackets?

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See I can't consider Howie's jackets or Calliope's OTT wardrobe as "fails," because they were intended to be ridiculous and reflective of the characters' questionable taste.

The "fails" are when the character's wardrobe completely didn't fit the character (ala most of Sami's Target/Sears wardrobe or Kate's blue hair, which are ludicrous for high-level female executives in a business that would be as fashion conscious as cosmetics), where the wardrobe/hair was "in" at the time and we now can't believe anyone looked like that (e.g., the 80s big hair, poofy dresses period), or where a character that seemed like he or she should have had decent taste shows up in WTF? outfits (Kayla generally, Carly's bra, or Marlena's rainbow suit).

On another site, we were doing a rewatch of Mike and Robin videos. Robin's hair was pretty bad, but teenage Jennifer's hair and wardrobe in a lot of those clips are hysterical. Does anyone have screencaps?
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