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just joey

Mar 27 2013, 10:09 AM
just joey
Mar 22 2013, 01:41 PM
Mar 22 2013, 06:00 AM
SNS Spoilers April 1st- April 5th

When Lt. baker questions Brooke after the car accident, she does her best not to incriminate Bill.

Katie confides in Danielle but looses it when Brooke calls her using Bill's phone.

Katie's faith in her marriage takes a tumble when she sees Bill and Brooke in Brooke's bedroom.

Taylor finds a new reason to go after her nemsis.

Hope and Liam babysit baby Will and reminisce about how things could have been for them.

Steffy catches Hope and Liam off guard with her timely arrival.

Eric's surprising announcement gets unexpected reactions.

The business rivalry between Rick and Thomas become personal.

Rick encourages Maya to once again go after her acting career.

Caroline pays someone "who could give Maya a big break."

Donna tries to stop the growing problem with Brooke and Katie.

Dr. Meade has a new patient

COMING: Brooke gives it her all to end the problems facing them.
I doubt very much that they both wonder what might have been , while babysitting " WILL ". Sounds more like dopey is doing the " What might have been. Liam " IS having a baby with STEFFY. That's " N O T " a what might have been !!!!. HOPE needs to stay the fuk away from Liam. AND out of STEFFY & LIAMS life. I hope that " STEFFY " reams that bitch out a new ass. Than " Rubs her stomach " , causing the baby to kick & putting Liams hands on the kicking baby :applause: :applause: :applause: :applause: . Maybe than the baby will become more of a reality to DOPEY. When the hell are they getting married ? LIAM & STEFFY , that is ? AFTER the BABY comes ? Liam needs to either shit , or get the fuk , off the pot. So tired of the " TRIANGLE FROM THE BOWELS " of hell , still being dragged out. IT'S making B & B , pretty " PATHETIC " , PAINFUL , & IRRITATING to watch :frustration: .
:shrug: I'm with you Joey, when is the wedding gonna be. Steffy deserves it, and Liam needs to get his head out of Hopes crotch and his mind on his new CHOSEN life. :hail: At least Steffy let's him chose, she doesn't plan it all and urge Liam to show up, like Hope. :cheer:
I know that I am getting sick of Brooke sexing through the married men on B & B . What is going to happen when she sexes all of the men on B & B . Does that mean that she will move to another soap? I HOPE I HOPE !!!!!
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