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Lynn Herring is the best. She brings maybe the most energy I've seen in daytime. They better keep her.

Ellie, you have no integrity if you don't give the recipe to Tracy Q! Is anyone else SERIOUSLY DISTURBED that the rightful heir of the Pickle Lila recipe is being treated like the bad guy?
Ellie is an idiot.

TJ? I don't need your disgusting looks. Rafe is homeless. Do you know what that means? Homeless. Molly is just legitimately concerned about a homeless boy. That's all this is. And even if it weren't, you have no proof. So just leave it at that. You're a jerk for giving those looks.
And Sean? I don't need your "She's with her boyfriend," either. Rafe is homeless. A little compassion, please.
And I didn't need him to EXPLAIN what he meant. What a jerk!
Alexis, dump him asap.

Did no one else notice that was that man from Dancing with the Stars? They were teasing that he was the celebrity choreographer (when he wasn't, and was just an extra) and that's why he and Sam had that inside joke "Have I seen you before?"

The Richard Simmons cameo... I don't know... it was lame. But then, not an RS fan. Cheesy, cheesy, cheesy.
Oh, wait! I just got it. That was the GH secrets song! That is insanely cool! The 50th anniversary on this show is freaking incredible!!! And then the fight with Lucy? Soap opera gold! I'm witnessing classic soap opera as it happens!! Thanks, God!

Milo, you're working my last nerve by declining that call from Dr. Drake.
Oh, hell no. He deleted the voicemail.

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