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But it makes Chloe look like the idiot though. Just a couple weeks ago, she was worried about Jennifer knowing about her past would ruin her life. And now she's trying to act like she has any kind of upper-hand?
ISTM that we're supposed to think Chloe has lost touch with reality. Even Nancy has gone from being on board with the plan to being concerned about her.
It kind of sucks if that's where they're going. First, Chloe turned to prostitute. Now she's going off the deep end. I'm surprised Bjorlin agreed to come back for this.
She says she didn't know what she was getting into. I believe it since she opted not to extend her contract.

"When you came back to DAYS, did you know ahead of time that Chloe was going to be an interfering “Buttinski” in the Daniel and Jennifer romance?"

"NADIA: (Laughs) I like that word, “Buttinski”. Actually, I was told none of the storyline. I just went on blind faith. But basically, I was really happy to come back to DAYS because previously it was just an abrupt ending for Chloe with the prostitution thing. It was such a low point for her that I really felt like there was part of the story that was not being told, that even I wanted answered. I was happy to come back to maybe redeem her, and to see what has been happening in her life now after her tragic past. "


Her return has been a disappointment. I was hoping they were going to repair Chloe, but she was still very entertaining as the conniving bitch, who still had it together, and I was enjoying that direction, but it looks like they decided to ruin that, too. I don't really care to see her completely unravel though, but I think that's what's going to happen.
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