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Mar 27 2013, 12:47 AM
Mar 26 2013, 11:33 PM
we spose bye michael going give up on kristina move on with serena then learn her father tormented his mother calling her a wh.. when ric kidnapped her making like carly playing a sex game with ric . i could believe kristina over serena anyday come on man been thorn in both his family life from sonny to carly to luke .
then carly spose overlook he a cassidine and distant michael and jason relative
What does Ric have to do with Serena? I am so confused.
serena father is scott baldwin man who resposible for their being a molly
ric spose rotting in prison because of scott baldwin he not . scott got mac
scorpio make seem carly having sex game with ric lansing that why mac needs therapy
he stood by said nothing to the court and let michael go prison knowing its his fault
carly might had done right thing and told cops what happened but after scott and mac
pulled there stunts no way she trust the law then .
will scott think carly is using michael to get to serena for payback what scott did to her
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