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SNS Spoilers April 8-12

A couple gives in to temptation and have sex for the first time.

Katie has a "harrowing crisis"

Brooke and Bill rush to see Katie at the hospital

Donna goes after Brooke and Bill and accuses them of being responsible for what Katie is going through.

Brooke pleads with her sister not to tell anyone about what had happened the evening before.

Afterward, Brooke and Bill ask Katie to forgive them.

Bill gets very irritated by Taylor's questioning.

Taylor is not at all happy when she sees Hope and Liam babysitting Will.

Liam and Hope think about what could have been.

Maya finds out that the movie role she has been offered is not what she was hoping for.

Caroline and Dayzee get together to find a way to get Maya out of their own lives and Rick's too.

COMING: Taylor goes on insisting on getting involved in other people's affairs.
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