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Please note: This report is not to be copied and pasted to any other sites. Please link only. Link to summary archive:


Director: Grant A. Johnson
Scriptwriter: David Cherrill

Segment 1: Henderson opens the door and is pleased to see "Master Brady". Brady asks if his Grandfather is around. Vic comes into the foyer. Hallelujah, the prodigal grandson returns. He chuckles, Finally had enough of that snaky little bitch, huh.

Kristen pulls Sy into the house. He tells her it's really important that they talk. Kristen - No, it's really important that you get the hell out of here and you stay out of here.

Nicole is working on the laptop in the rectory. No more emails from Chloe. Eric comes in and asks if she's busy. He noticed that he startled her. She assures him she's fine assuming her heart is still in her body. Now Eric feels bad. Hardly the way to come in and ask for a favour. Nicole - Eric, you can ask me for anything. Anything! What Eric wanted to ask - I know you're using the office for paperwork but I was wondering if you would mind sharing it just for a while. Nicole doesn't mind sharing as long as he promises not to be a distraction. This is a workplace now. Eric won't be here. The person I'm hoping you'll share the space with ... well here he is. Vargas enters.

Marlena leaves Eric a message. I need to talk to you. It's kind of important ... no, it couldn't be more important.

Dan comes into his apt Chloe are you home yet?

Jen is surprised to see Chloe at the door. Chloe lets herself in. There's no point in trying to make nice, is there? You know me, I know you, probably a little too well. Chloe's cell is ringing. Jen suggests she answer it. Chloe - No, you're the one I want to talk to 'cause you're the one who's been really busy, haven't you? Jen - I'm sorry ... Chloe - No games. We're way past that. Jen - I don't know what you mean by games but right now is not a good time ... Chloe - No, we're going to talk and it's going to be brutally honest so please pay attention. Jen - Why are you here? Chloe - Because, there's just no other way to say it, I saw you. I saw it all. Jen - What are you talking about? Chloe - Really? You didn't notice that there were windows in that cabin last night. Jen - Oh God, what. Chloe - Oh yeah, all happy and laughing and sweaty ... Jen - Are you kidding me! You are disgusting. Do you mean to tell me ... Chloe - I'm just telling you what I saw and like I said it's time for us to be honest because now I realise finally that everything has changed.

Segment 2: Vic - Brady, I can't tell you how proud I am of you. This calls for a drink. Brady - Before you get that drink you might want to stop for a second. You're misinterpreting everything. Vic - No ... Brady - I'm still very much with Kristen. I came over here because I want you to hear this from me first. Vic - No, absolutely not! That is not going to happen. I won't allow it, damn it!

Sy - Ma'am, if you could just hear me out. Kristen - Why would I do that? Because you once did a job for me, poorly I might add. Sy - You told us later that was kind of a good thing, remember? Kristen - Never mind what I said then just listen to me now. Get out! We can not be seen together, do you understand that? Sy - I know that but I can't go until I tell you what's going on. Things have been kind of bad for me lately; bills piling up. I hate to ask but I need help, money, so my family can get by. Kristen - That's a sad story. Let me pay you for the job you've done ... oh wait, I've already done that. Now get the hell out.

Nicole - Vargas. So I'm supposed to ... what? Eric - I really hope it's okay. He'll probably only be here for a day just to use the phone, make some notes. He can use my desk. Vargas - Father Eric gave me some places to call for a job so it's time to go hunting. I'm pretty psyched although I have to admit Father, deep down I'm a little bit nervous. Eric - Don't be. Just don't forget, think positive. Sometimes that's all it takes. He leaves. Vargas - This is kind of cozy, huh?

Jen - You sneak up to the window and you looked in while Daniel and I ... Chloe - Get over it would you please. It's not like I haven't seen it or done it myself. Jen - You are disgusting! Get out of my house! Right now. She opens the door. Chloe - No, you can't. You can't throw me out. Don't you understand. Daniel is everything, he's all that ... when I looked in that window and I saw you two I finally got it Jennifer. He really does love you and that means that I've lost him.

Dan is fixing the toy that Chloe broke. He fantasizies about Jen playing with Parker.

Chloe - You must be thinking, how could she be so blind, in such denial. (They're in the living room now). Jen - Chloe, listen ... Chloe - I swear Jennifer I never imagined that he could love anyone else, not the way he loved me. She starts crying. So I came back to Salem hoping, knowing that I was going to get him back. I could feel it in my bones but then when I looked in that window last night and I saw the way that he looked at you and his total love for you ... do you love him? Jen - Chloe, please ... Chloe - I need to hear it from you. Do you love him, truly love him.

Segment 3: Vargas is on the phone - he's not having much sucess. Can't get past the damn secretaries. Who died and made them God anyway! He sharpens his pencil. Back to the rejection booth. Oh yeah, I've got to stay positive, right? He places another call. He tells the person that Father Eric from St Luke's gave him their number. He's looking for work and also a new beginning. He notices that Nicole is going to leave - Am I being too loud? No, she just needs some air.

Eric joins his mom at Brady's Pub. You sounded awful on the phone, what's going on? Marlena - Well I feel like I've destroyed everything and everything I try to do just makes things worse. And John has never been so angry. Eric - Brady told me what John was trying to do and how it all went south. Marlena - I destroyed it. He was trying to get closer to Brady and I ruined it. Eric - Stop whipping yourself about all of this. Marlena - You mean now that I've lost everything.

Vic - Brady, you are an addict! Brady - I'm aware of that every single day. Vic - Just because you beat back drug addiction you think the rest of your life is going to be a walk in the park. Brady - Of course I don't think that. Vic - Kristen DiMera is the worse addiction you're ever going to have to face. That slut is going to destroy you. Brady - You don't get to call her names anymore. I'm a man and I'm looking for happiness. As my grandfather do you think you could wish that for me please. Vic - You're going to be miserable. She's going to suck your soul dry and she's going to love every minute of it and when she's done you're going to think that drug addiction was a walk in the park. Brady - My God, this was a waste of my time. Thank you for your faith in me. Vic - Brady, wait ...

Sy - My daughter's been really sick ma'am. It's not like I'm asking for a whole lot. It's just that someone who lives in a mansion like this, it's not going to dint your pocketbook much to help out a little girl, right? Kristen - Maybe Daddy should get a job or try robbing a bank. Sy - Ma'am I need to be with my little girl. I don't need to be going to work all day or going to jail. Kristen - Well I told you no several times now I'm asking you to leave again. Sy - I did a good job for you and I went the extra mile. After me and Henry busted up that Brady guy I went to the hospital to see how he was doing, poke around a little. I seen his father, that psychriastist lady, Evans, I think her name was ... see, I'm a sharpie. I remember things. Kristen - If you're as sharp as you think you are you better start forgetting things like her name, like my name, like this address and everything else. Sy - Ma'am if you've got another job for me, say the word. I'll do anything. I'm a good guy to have in your corner. Kristen - I don't want you anywhere around me, do you understand that! Get out. She opens the door ... Now!

Dan decides he's not going to sit around and wait; he's going to surprise Jennifer.

Jen - I really hate doing this Chloe but if you insist on knowing the truth then yeah, I love him. I love him deeply and I have for a very, very long time. And there were times when I fought it and times when I told him that we could not have a future but he never gave up. He just kept fighting for me. We've had a lot of highs and lows, ups and downs but we passed every single test and that is when you know your love is strong and it is real. I know that is not what you wanted to hear but I do love Daniel. I love who he is, I love his past, his present, I love his future and I always will. Let's not do this. Daniel is waiting for you. He wants to talk to you so go be with him and hear what he has to say. Let's just be done here. Chloe - Done! No, no, we're a long way from done.

Segment 4: Vic - The last thing we should do is fight. Brady - And yet we do. Vic - Yes and it's wrong on so many levels. Instead of yelling at you for being blind maybe it's time I tried to look at what I'd lose if I keep fighting you. Brady - What are you saying to me? Vic - God knows I want the longest engagement possible, plenty of time ... longest engagement in the world would be find with me. But in the end if this is still what you want then you have my blessing. Brady - I hope you mean that. I think you mean that. I'm hoping that Maggie's had the influence on you that I think she has. Vic - She has been my salvation. Brady - Then I thank you. He hugs him then leaves. Vic frowns.

Kristen - When I tell someone to do something like get out of my sight ... Sy - I heard you ma'am but the bad part is you're not hearing me. I need money. You know what, I bet we could do a deal. Kristen - You want a deal? You're going to go out this door; you're going to make sure no one sees you leaving the property and you're never coming back. That's our deal! Sy winks at her and leaves.

Marlena - My marriage to John might be over; Brady might never speak to me again and I've dug myself into such a deep hole, I can't even crawl out of it. Eric - Then ask for help. He helped me, He changed my entire life. There may be hope again. He'll help you if you ask. Marlena - Maybe I ... Eric - I want you to think back. God helped you once before when you needed Him most and I think, I know He'd do it again.

Dan is in the square admiring the toy train car he bought for Parker when he and Nicole literally bump into each other. They both apologise. They talk about Parker's toy. Dan mentions he's on his way to see Jennifer. We're together now. We worked through all the problems we were having. And that's probably hard to hear from me but I think it's best that you do. Nicole recalls Chloe lashing out at her earlier. Nicole - So that's what she meant. Dan - I'm sorry, I didn't catch that. Nicole - I'm just babbling. I'm glad things worked out for you. You deserve to be happy. So does Chloe know yet?

Jen - No, we're done because I am not going to keep doing this with you. Chloe - Really? Jen - Yes. We have got to stop harassing each other. No more lying and scheming, for heaven's sake, let's just move on okay! Chloe - Move on? I don't think you've been paying attention. Jen - What! Chloe - Did I ever say one word about moving on? No.

Segment 5: Dan - No offence, but I'd rather not talk about Chloe with you. Let's just say we're handling things. It was good to see you. Nicole - I'm sorry. I didn't mean to pry. I just thought ... if you are going to tell her, you should tell her soon. Dan - Why is that? Nicole starts a couple of sentences and then just says she is going to go back to work. Dan wonders what she meant.

Jen - I'm confused. When you got here you gave me the impression that you needed to move on because you saw me with Daniel and you realised he loved me and you had lost him, right? Chloe - I guess I did blurt something out to that effect but I didn't mean it was a done deal. We still have some very important things that we need to work out. Jen - Like what? Chloe - Like Parker.

Vargas is on the phone. Sir, I spent my years in prison trying to turn my life around. I understand that but if I was hired on a trial basis then you could ... right. Thanks. He add 'For nothing' after the guy hangs up. He sees Nicole - This thing is a complete crock. Nicole - What's wrong? Vargas - Nobody wants to hire an ex-con; most people don't even want to talk to one. Father Eric's little project of wanting to save my soul and send me off into the world a new man ... talk about failure. Nicole - Who's failure? You've been at this, what, for an hour! Look sometimes turning your life around takes a little time. You're going to be fine. Eric's helping me too and sometimes it's one step forwards and two steps back but he won't give up and neither will I. Vargas - How come you needed his help? What'd you do? Nicole - It doesn't matter. It hasn't been long since I got of prison so I know what you're going through, believe me. Vargas - No way! Nicole - Maybe we should get t-shirts made - I'm an official Father Eric project. They laugh.

Marlena - I don't know, prayer seems, in my case ... Eric - Mom, you are one of the most empathetic people I know on this planet. Professionally, personally, you must know that sometimes you can't do it on your own. Right now you feel that you're at rock bottom. Look up, ask for Him. Marlena - You are so sure of this. Eric - Yes I am. Eric gets a text - he has to go see Father Matt. Marlena assures him she's fine, go. Eric will call her later. He leaves. Marlena - I don't want to lose John. I want Brady back in our lives. I want everybody to know what I know about that woman, please.

Kristen is cursing Sy when Brady returns and tells her that his grandfather is coming around. He said if marriage is what I want he's not going to fight it. Kristen is thrilled - she kisses him. Brady keeps nattering on about Vic and Kristen climbs all over him kissing him. She tells him to stop talking and start celebrating - off with the shirt.

Segment 6: Vargas and Nicole are sharing stories about their time in prison when Eric returns. It's nice to see you two getting along. How's the job search going? Vargas - It's a little bit tougher than I thought. Who am I kidding! It's been a lot tougher ... didn't figure it would be easy but ... Eric - It will get better. Vargas - But I want to pull my weight around here too so I'll probably move out if I don't make something click pretty soon. Nicole - Eric, how about that handyman job? Eric - That's only part-time. Nicole - It will give him something to do while he's searching for a job. Come on, he fixed the the heating with a monkey-wrench and a hammer. Man's got skills. Vargas - What are you, my agent? Nicole - No, us ex-cons have to stick together.

Henderson - Mr. Kiriakis, I was so glad to hear that you and your grandson had worked things out. He's a very important part of your life. Vic - Yes he is. That's why I let him think I was coming around. I'm not going to lose that boy now especially not to some psycho whore. Henderson - So the things you told him about accepting ... Vic - He needs a place to run to Henderson. He has to know that his family is going to be here when his world catches on fire. In the meantime I have to hope that something or someone flips a switch for that boy, shows him what kind of hell Kristen DiMera has planned for him.

Brady and Kristen are in bed starting to have sex when Kristen's cell rings. She snaps - What! Sy - Ma'am, it's me again. I wanted to give you one more chance to do that right thing. I really need cash. Brady asks her if everything is alright.

Dan returns to his apt calling for Chloe. She should have been back a long time ago.

Jen - Chloe, as Parker's father, Daniel has certain rights. You can't keep using ... Chloe's cell rings. Jen - Why don't you just answer your phone. Chloe - And interrupt an important conversation about Parker, no. I'm his mother, his only mother and I have loved and cherished that boy for 2 wonderful years. We're going to get through this too. Jen - Get through what? Chloe - I'm glad you asked. See when I look at the way Parker reacts when he's around you it makes the hairs on the back of my neck stand up, you know. Jen - No I don't know. Chloe - See that I understand. You hate me. I get it. I'm fine with it but when you bring that hatred into a room and you dump it on a poor, helpless boy ... Jen - What are you talking about? Chloe - I can see it. Jen - See what? I love Parker. He's a beautiful ... Chloe - He doesn't love you. He doesn't even like you. He feels threatened when he's in a room with you ... he's literally shaking. Jen - That is so untrue. Chloe - And he stays tense until you get the hell away from him. Jen - That is absolutely absurd. How can you even say that. Chloe - So that's the problem Jennifer. It's a big problem. It would be a big problem for any good mother so I've decided you can no longer be around my son. Jen - Okay. I'm really sorry that you feel that way because I've already told you I love Daniel and I am going to be in his life. Which means I am going to be involved with Parker. Chloe - Think again.

Segment 7: Eric - So what do you think of Nicole's idea? Vargas - I don't know. Maybe part-time will make me feel less pressure. Eric - Sounds good. Let me clear it with Father Matt. Consider yourself our part-time handyman. Vargas - Thanks Father, Nicole, but I'm not going to stop looking for full-time. The other list of contacts you gave me is in my bedroom. I'm going to grab it and make some more calls. Thanks again. After he leaves Eric tells Nicole - That's a good thing you did. Nicole - Well you know one ex-con to another. Eric - For somebody who didn't want Vargas around you sure di go above and beyond. Nicole - He's obviously very grateful that you're giving him a chance. He wants it to work. How can I argue with that? In his bedroom Vargas grumples up the list. I don't need this anymore.

Kristen - We've considered your offer and we've rejected it permanently so goodbye. Kristen makes it sound like a call from a pushy business person.

In front of the pub Sy mutters - You had your chance bitch. Time for Plan B. Marlena is strolling through the square when she gets a call. Hi, Dr. Evans ... Marlena - Speaking. My name is Sy. You don't know me but I have a problem and I think you're the one who can help me. Marlena - You've called my private number so if you'd like to please call my office and make an appointment. Thank you. Sy - And there it is, Plan B.

Dan paces. It goes to voicemail everytime. He calls Nancy. Have you heard from Chloe? Nancy - What do you mean? Dan - I'm having a hard time tracking her down. I'm kind of worried about her. It's no big deal, I'll find her. How's Parker doing? Nancy - He's fine, perfect. Dan - Has he had a chance to see a lot of New York? Hello ... are you there ... is something wrong?

Jen - I know you're upset. You've been emotional since you walked in here. Daniel and I are going to be together so why can't we find a way to work this out please. Chloe - I've already worked things out. You're not going to have any more contact with my son. Jen - What! Chloe - Here's the deal. You willingly take yourself out of the picture and let Daniel be Parker's father or you don't and Daniel suffers the consequences. So Daniel can either be with you or with Parker, but not both, not ever.
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