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I am suddenly intrigued about Britt and her family now that we know more about her, but I remain mystified as to why her mother is so set on her being with Patrick. Britt is obviously terrified by her father as well, so he's got to be a world class evil nutjob like Faison or Jerry.

Before this, I thought the whole Britt vs Sabrina for Patrick affections seemed pointless since Robin was very much alive. I'm also intrigued by Britt since the connection between her and Dr. Orbetrict. I'm assuming that Jerry Jacks will be her father. It has to be in my opinion since he has Patrick's wife and obviously Britt was summoned to town to get close to Patrick.

Did anyone notice how she was acting like a terrified little girl around her mother and the mention of her father? It makes me think that Britt hand is forced in this situation and not so much a villian.
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