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Katie to Bill: I'm Done

Bill crashes his car which leaves lives hanging in the balance. Brooke hides Bill from the police and calls Katie, which sets her off. Katie meets up with Bill and Brooke; they attempt to allay her fears but instead fan the flames. Katie is upset because Bill did not come the night before, staying at Brooke’s house, until finds out the circumstances. Katie finds out that Brooke is covering for Bill, which pushes her to her breaking point. Katie takes off her ring and tells Bill it’s over for them.

Heather Tom thinks maybe Katie is not being rational and maybe Katie is riding Bill too hard. Tom says Katie has forgotten that not only she’s mother, she’s also a wife, and can still have her own life. Most of it has to do with guilt over leaving Bill and the Baby. Tom says Katie need some time to consider her actions and maybe Bill/Katie are not done but faith can intervene.
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