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No matter what you think, I DO love you.

Anyone else catch a little Tracy/Ellie moment? I'm thinking there's going to be more to Ellie's character than we've already seen, possible family ties maybe?

I didn't mind Milo ignoring the call or deleting the message because Patrick suddenly having revelations about Sabrina annoys me. Liz's time would have been better spent at Nicholas' beside or sharing some space with AJ instead of talking to Patrick about Sabrina. If Patrick is too slow on the uptake, that's his problem.

Loved the nurses ball rehearsal scenes with Richard and Lucy. Lucy is lovely and she's such a treat to watch. And I got some extra eye candy with Maksim, a girl can't complain. It was a pleasant surprise to see him over his brother Val (who was actually Kelly's partner last season). I far enjoy Max over Val.

Shawn being all protective over TJ and Molly's HS romance was ridiculous. You are too grown to be the meddling mother in a possible teenage love triangle.
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