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The Teresa Castillo Interview – General Hospital

For months, General Hospital has been slowly laying the groundwork for a love story between singled widowed father, Dr. Patrick Drake (Jason Thompson) and now graduated nurse, Sabrina Santiago. The series was faced with a very complex situation on how to move the character of Patrick forward without the love of his life, Dr. Robin Scorpio Drake, whom Patrick believed had “died”. But as we know in soapland, seldom does anyone die for good! When fan favorite, Kimberly McCullough (Robin) decided to depart the ABC soap to concentrate more full-time on her burgeoning career as a film and television director, it opened the door to propel new story for Thompson. Enter actress Teresa Castillo in the role of Sabrina.

Teresa’s portrayal of the quirky, nerdy nursing student with a heart of gold draws comparison to the lead character in the beloved TV series, Ugly Betty! What has been most intriguing to watch, since Sabrina’s arrival on the Port Charles scene, is how she was carefully placed into the Drake family sphere by having her be the one woman in town who has a very special and loving connection with Patrick’s little girl, Emma (Brooklyn Rae Silzer). And, as Sabrina fell head over heels for dashing Dr. Drake, the minute she laid eyes on him, she couldn’t admit her feelings to him, until recently when she finally mustered up the courage. Now the question is: will Patrick finally have the opportunity to tell Sabrina how he feels about her? And as the Nurses’ Ball draws near will Sabrina, Patrick and Emma become a united front? Will the very much alive Robin show up and finally be reunited with her family and destroy Sabrina’s happiness, or will Sabrina’s arch enemy, Britt (Kelly Thiebaud) accomplish the feat?

On-Air On-Soaps sat down with Teresa Castillo, who has slowly but surely been winning over the hearts of many fans of General Hospital, for this refreshing, entertaining, and informative conversation. Now while some GH fans will never want to see Patrick with anyone else but Robin, there are still some that want to see him move on. Castillo reveals she is very aware of the fans feelings. Chatting with Castillo, we knew she relished playing the underdog who triumphs against all odds, and what it was like for her, and will be for the audience, when soon Sabrina comes out of her shell. Here now is the delightful, Teresa Castillo!

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