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I hate Jennifer. Just thought I'd throw that out there . :D She's already more broken up over this soon to be 319th split up from Daniel than she ever was over her husband dying. OMG I can't wait for her to be gone from this show. But will it ever happen?

I am really enjoying Rate. I think I just like Rafe more. They are fun to watch and I did like the scene with Daniel finding out. I actually didn't hate Daniel in those scenes.

And is it just me, or does anyone else think Vargas is gay. I know people are shipping him with Nicole or Hope but.... The dude has been in prison for like 10 years. You'd think he would be itching to get some kind of action and from what I've seen so far he really doesn't seem that interested in either. I can see him staying his distance from Hope...she's a cop. But Nicole? I would think he would at least flirt and I haven't seen anything. He's been on his very best behavior. Maybe he just doesn't want to make waves in the parish, but its been 10 years!
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