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Harlee Kin
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Well I stopped watching the show when the spotlight returned to Shouty Sami. But Vargas seems to have a WAY bigger role than I ever imagined. As for him being gay, I think everyone is gay, Jett, Jeremy to me, screamed GAY GAY GAY.

At any rate, I seriously object to the show basing a person's sexuality or bias of another's sexuality on rape. This show REALLY does not know how to deal with that subject. Also, it correlates homosexuals with rapists. Do they think they are Fox News and doing a" balanced" piece with Nick? Look, there is enough violence in prison to write a dark dramatic storyline, they do not need to irresponsible explore the gay thing.

I agree with the poster who stated above they made Nick homophobic because they simply needed a foil to the Will BabyMama Story.
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