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1) Hope either gets a new love interest or Bo returns. I'm tired of pop-up Hope.

2) John and Marlena stay in love and united. They are involved together in being there for their kids and grandkids. They become the "backbone" of the show.

3) Eric/Nicole/Vargas triangle. Nicole is torn between loving Eric, but realizing that he will never leave the church, decides to enter into a relationship with Vargas. Eric finally gets jealous and starts wondering if he was meant to be a priest. Maybe he can serve God in other ways?

4) Kristen drops revenge and falls in love with Brady. Brady discovers that she hired the mugger, though, and dumps her. She is devastated. Brady starts casually dating a new woman, but is still
in love with Kristen. Kristen is jealous and decides to fight for the man she loves. She eventually wins him back, and the two vow to put the past behind them. The other woman, realizing that Brady never cared that much about her in the first place, vows to destroy them. She joins forces with Stefano, who is also upset that her daugher wants to defy his wishes by being with Brady. In the process, Kristen realizes she is pregnant with Brady's baby and has a high risk pregnancy.

5) Rafe gets a new girlfriend, one he can marry and have children with. Kate isn't that torn up...she realizes it was just sex. Stefano convinces her to be mistress of the manor. Kate and Stefano remarry, and "State" become the evil, power couple and patriarch/matriarch of the Dimera clan.

6) A fourth female rounds out the Chad/Abby/Cameron quad.

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