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Mar 23 2013, 09:05 PM
Broadcast in 1989, this 20 minute video was used to launch Y&R into worldwide syndication (in this specific instance, UK Living). The show didn't start at the beginning, so this is a "recap" show loaded with clips up to the point the episodes begin. LOTS of Katherine/Phillip/Jill (Brenda Dickson). Paul/Laura/Shawn Garrett. John/Jill/Jack & Lindsey's photographs. Nikki/Victor/Ashley. Brad/Traci (look for Brad in short-shorts & no shirt). This is all SERIOUSLY fabulous! The only distracting drawback is that the "in character" voice overs used to narrate & connect the clips are NOT the actual show actors. ^o)

Thanks for posting this, but I have to ask: what is with the obviously fake voiceover parading as Katherine Chancellor? It's just awful. And obvious.
Whoops, seems like unrealistic voiceovers for all of them.
Despite that, this is really fascinating to see.
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