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Mar 30 2013, 01:22 AM
Mar 21 2013, 12:48 PM
Miami has a Lea as well. ;)

Speaking of Miami, Season 3 is filming!

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Oh I know Miami has a Lea, believe me. I LOVE me some Lea. She and Lisa are my faves and I LOVE that they've gotten friendly. But I just fell in love with Lisa last season. She was practically flawless, just so classy, honest, never one to try and steal the spotlight- I loved almost every choice she made throughout the season.

To me, Lisa was the CLEAR winner on Season 2 of RHOM.

Too bad Karent won't be back. I hope she can still be a "Friend Of...." but I know that her mom is having health issues, plus the stuff with her dad, so I can understand why she wouldn't agree to film. I'm guessing Alexia will be bumped back up to a regular housewife, now that her son is getting better.

I just hope they keep the supporting cast. That's what I really fell in love with about Miami. There were so many characters and they all appeared regularly, so we got to know all of them. Romain, Marta, Elaine Lancaster, Rudolfo, Karent's mom, Alexia, Alexander, RJ, Beau Beau, Joe Francis, and of course, Mama Elsa. It was cool to keep up with everybody and not have them just pop in and out here and there.

It would be interesting if they brought the dancer from Romain's club that he supposedly made out with onto the show.

Mar 25 2013, 10:58 PM
As for the finale, most of it was just ... meaningless yelling.

But Kim, come on... Enough with how much Brandi "hurt" her. She brought an issue to the forefront that needed it, and she'd still be making 80 proof Starbucks runs today if it wasn't for it. She needs to stop blaming everyone else for her slips.

I totally call bullshit on Adrienne's visit to Lisa's. Someone, probably Faye, totally tipped her off to get there pronto and drop a drama bomb. It`s a vow renewal, it was known to all, it`s totally inappropriate. But she knows that ...

I think Adrienne showed up all on her own and knew exactly what was going on there (the vow renewal). She showed up purely for......show. To get the fans to feel sorry for her, to have her "friends" rally around her, and to make Lisa look bad by not greeting her.

Mar 26 2013, 11:51 AM
The RHOBH reunion was laughable at best. Kim was a hot mess. YO LAND DA OMFG, I was like Shut the fuck up!

Are you kidding? IMO, Yolanda was the clear winner in the first part of the reunion. I LOVE the Duchess!! :D

LOL I was referring to Kim to STFU lol
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