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Mar 26 2013, 08:44 AM
Mar 25 2013, 09:41 PM
They seemed to want to ignore the fact that, for the majority of her time on the original Dallas, Afton was actually a good person (hello, Bobby -- this is the same woman who saved your life after Katherine shot you full of hot lead!), and it ticked me off.
IKR? How bad was Afton after her initial few weeks on the show? I know she slept with JR 2 seconds after meeting him and drugged Cliff in order to get info for JR (I think??) but she felt real remorse and even Pam and Rebecca loved her because they knew how much she genuinely cared about Cliff, no matter how shitty he treated her. Rebecca even left her money in her will.

I cannot stand Christopher, I wish they would send him off with skeletor and bring back a recast in his place. ANYONE would be better. I felt more for John Ross as he looked on as Rebecca lost the babies than the actual father! JM sucks!!
hahaha I literally just told my BF this when we watched. I cringe when Jesse tries to swing an emotion on this series. Josh however has been phenomenal.
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