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Come on Ron, We are counting on YOU !!

Mar 30 2013, 10:52 AM
Mar 30 2013, 08:43 AM
Mar 30 2013, 06:51 AM
In prison sex has nothing to do with one's sexual orientation. That's the way it goes. You make do with what's available. Blake Berris said that what happened to Nick in prison is what made him homophobic. It's obvious that he was raped or pimped out. When it comes to Days, it doesn't matter if another show already did it.
I would take issue with this since it plays up the idea that homosexuality is not a choice but in fact a reaction to some trauma like a psychological condition. OR if they make Nick be suffering from PTSD which is making him interpret this situation that way, and have him realize it was wrong and recant it. This show fumbled the ball on rape, and it made me angry. If the screw this up, I definitely will be cancelling this on my DVR. Gay people have it hard enough. They do not need a show screwing them over.
But they're not trying to say homoSEXUALITY is caused by trauma. They're trying to say Nick's homoPHOBIA is a result of trauma. Maybe the writers end goal is to have Nick finally realize what happened to him in prison has nothing to do with Will and Sonny and their relationship. That is, if their goal is to redeem Nick.

and that would be a good way to tell this story IMHO. A good amount of the people that are homophobic are just ignorant assholes, but others might have been adversely affected by life trauma of some kind. For example, if a man that was once abused as a child by a pedophile grows up to not accept homosexuals because of his experience alone, then that could lead to a story where the person through education, knowledge and self awareness learns to see the true problem never was about the homosexuality but about the criminal nature of the crime committed against him. I don't excuse it, but I can see where the person's mindset might, and I repeat, MIGHT be coming from. Then obviously through education and knowledge the person's mindset changes. He might realize that pedophiles are criminals and not homosexuals, that heterosexuals can also be pedophiles and criminals, they can be married have children of their own, etc and still abuse children, rape adults, etc. I want Days to really go deep with this because it's the only story worth while today on Days. They are touching not just homophobia, but also the right of homosexual parents to raise their flesh and blood without fear of retribution from family, friends, laws, etc....it's a great message, carried by a great story.....now if they end up redeeming Nick in the process and not making him into someone that I can't stand, then it'll be a plus, plus in the end.
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