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I loved Friday's cliffhanger with Dante's entrance onto The Haunted Star---and how awesome is it that the Star is currently in open waters in the Atlantic? There's a part of me that, despite what he has said publicly, thinks we will somehow see JJ's Lucky in the Lulu kidnapping story line. Frank Valentini is certainly capable of pulling off a surprise like this.

This is all speculation on my part, but I would like it if Stavros was still alive and a part of Lulu's kidnapping and Nikolas's shooting. He could have found out that the Guza/Phelps rewrite of Nikolas's paternity was a sham and Nikolas is really the son of Stefan. Thus, his going after Laura and Luke's daughter and Stefan's son with Laura because he wants revenge. There was something about what Anna said to Dante about the Cassadines going after their own got me thinking about this, and I got the feeling today Helena's not behind Nikolas's shooting. While I think Jerry Jacks is somehow involved in this, although I love Sebastian Roche, I think Jerry has been a little overused of late as a villain.

I loved we got scenes today of Natasha with her beloved nephew and enjoyed the AJ/Elizabeth stuff. The line of the week IMO goes to Helena in her phone conversation with Natasha that went something like "If you don't see to it that Nikolas gets better I will slit your throat like I did the cow who dropped you." What a Helena thing to say.

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