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Loving the show. The Frisco/Felicia/Mac triangle is interesting - I love Frisco and Felicia but I have a soft-spot for Mac. That guy is, well, SO nice (loved his "Lady of My Heart" sarcastic slam on Frisco). But sometimes nice isn't enough - especially in soap world. I find it interesting that a couple that I loved as a teenager still makes me swoon as an, um, "older" woman. Same goes with Anna and Duke. Probably some of their charm is because I watched at a simpler, joy-filled time in my life and watching GH this week has brought it all back.

Always hated AJ - until recently. They've made him likeable and I can see myself cheering for an AJ/Liz pairing. These writers seem to have found a way to win me over despite any preconceived dislike. That's GOOD writing. Reeling me in.

I know the Sabrina (aka Cinderella) and Patrick story is SO, SO cliche but they've got me here, too. I'll be cheering when Cinderella goes to the Nurses' Ball and gets her dramatic makeover and Prince Patrick gazes at her as she enters and realizes he's in love with her. *sigh* Kind of fun to watch sappy, mob-free, killing-free, innocent stories once in a while. Sure, there's the fact that the Prince's much-loved wife is alive and well somewhere but that's the part I find MOST interesting. I'm foreseeing that Cinderella will have a broken heart sometime soon - likely on her wedding day (aka Frisco/Felicia/Colton).

Luke and Laura. Loving them for the same reasons as above. Can't wait for Monday.
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