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the writers are starting to go back to their former writing style. the past several month the story was good strong and focused and the storeys were interesting. now slowly you can see the writing starting to revert back as it was before, dull boring no direction. who ever rattled the writers cage before had better do it quickly before dool returns to the mess it was in before its to late. its proven good writing great story, viewers will tune in ratings will go up, as proven. cameron a stripper , really get on with the cameron/nicole/baby story .this shows another need to shake the writers at dool again, they are loosing focus. remember amc and oltl will soon be on the soap screen again. refocus writer get the good storys going again. oh btw thank goodness the danifer/chole story will soon end cause its as boring as kate/rafe. refocus people whos wrint this crap, there lots of ideas out there, so consider them. :wave:
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