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Quoting limited to 4 levels deepZap2it Week April 1st

When I first came to the board, I floated a theory that there was WAY more to what Eric told Nicole about Neema and his time in the Congo. I'm hoping this call is about her and he flies off to the Congo to help her.

Anyone want to hear my Neema theory? ;)
***waving hands*** I DO! I DO!

Probably better than what we are going to get in reality.

Well, think about it. Eric has a lot on his plate at the church and JUST started his prisoner release program with Vargas. You'd think the LAST thing Eric would do is take off somewhere. So, whatever it is, it must be pretty major. This leads me to my theory that I formed after seeing Eric's confession about Neema, Father Ryan and the Congo revolution:


When Eric talked about Neema, he seemed rather fond of her. He said she was a teenager. She could have been 18, and this was 10 - 12 years ago before he became a priest. So Eric was probably in his mid 20s then. Anyhoo, my theory is that Eric did more than just teach Neema about photography. I think they had a relationship. And when the rebels invaded the village, that one guy targeted Neema because he picked up on that and taunted Eric to take her place to test his feelings for her. You know, were they real or was he just having a fling. He froze and father Ryan stepped in and died for both of them. Eric seemed pretty devastated when he told Nicole that Neema wanted nothing more to do with him afterwards.

Eric seems deeply guilt ridden about his past and thinks turning to the priesthood "saved him". He keeps referring to it; but no one has questioned why he thought he needed to be saved. I mean, I wasn't watching 12 years ago but from everything I've read, Eric was pretty much the opposite of Sami. A goody-two shoes. So I'm deducing that whatever he did in the Congo is the thing that left him traumatized and guilt ridden and in need of "saving."

So back to today. Eric suddenly has to leave Salem. Why? I'm guessing that he's gotten news about Neema in the Congo and is leaving to find her or help her.

NOW - if the writers are working towards bringing Eric and Nicole together as a couple, something MAJOR needs to happen to force Eric to give up the priesthood. They can't have Nicole tempt him away with sex. She'd be looked upon as even more of a pariah. She'd be like the whore of Babylon. And I think the writer's goal is to redeem Nicole with the help of Eric's love.

So what could POSSIBLY tear Eric away from the priesthood and eventually pave the way for Eric and Nicole to become a real couple? A CHILD. What if Eric finds out that he fathered a child with Neema and never knew. He said Neema wanted nothing more to do with him after the incident. She probably took off afterwards leaving Eric tortured and guilt ridden.

What if Eric comes back to Salem with his child? He'd have to leave the priesthood to take care of him or her. I don't know if Neema will return too. Maybe Neema dies and Eric is notified because he's the father of her child. If Eric leaves the priesthood to raise his child, then he would be open to having a relationship with Nicole. And Nicole might finally get the opportunity to raise a child of her own.

(Disclaimer: Whatever I say I like, the writers do the opposite. So, as to not offend the soap gods since I apparently I unknowingly ran over their puppy and have earned their wrath, I am writing the following...)

Oh no! I can't ever see that happening! What a terrible idea! ;)
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