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Mar 30 2013, 03:11 PM

Daniel cannot be without a woman for any length of time. He's too weak to stand on his own. He doesnt waste any time making a move. He'll use Chloe for comfort and then discard her. The fact that Chloe's willing to accept it...wants him that badly after the way he treated her before...it doesn't say a lot for any kind of self-respect on her part. She engineers this, but it's too desperate.

Who do we root for?

I root for whoever I please, even though that usually means I'm left unhappy. But, at least I don't feel uncomfortable. In this whole Fetch thing? I'm rooting for Nancy and Nicole. Chloe lost me when she was bitchy to my girl Nikki.
On the Will thing, I'm team Nick. I don't care. I know in my soul my geeky Nick has some inward turmoil causing this, even if they never write it.
I'm Team Rate. Even though, yeah, whatever. I like them!
Ericole? I might end up being team Vicole.
Bristol? Meh.
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