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Mar 30 2013, 10:24 AM
With the exception of ED, BB, and JS I don't care for anyone on the top 10. Where is Nicole, Eric, Lucas, hell even Vargas!?
Y'know what's weird- on the cover of one of the soap magazines (it's mostly GH's Nurse's Ball) they have a small photo of Sami and Lucas with some headline. So in terms of where's Lucas- he's apparently still good enough to be a lure when selling the show, so yeah, where is he?

I don't see much difference between Sami/EJ/Rafe and Dan/Jen/Chloe. Both stories have such a limited focus that it turns the characters into really annoying people with convoluted motives, and the only things left for the audience to connect with are the actor's charisma and the chemistry of the couple, imho.

Only difference for me is that it seems like, for whatever reason, Sweeney/Scott/Gering have more charisma and chemistry than those in the current show-eating triangle, so people got tired of it more quickly. Plus Reeves did a lot of damage off-screen- at least Sweeney's learned to play every fanbase as equally as possible.

TPTB really need to find a better B-story to rely on, if they're only focusing on this to slow down the baby story. It's not even a story really, imho. In a story something happens.
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