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I cannot say at all that I would rather see Fetch than EJami. At times, I almost find Ejami enjoyable. A LONG time ago, when they first flirted with Fetch, I thought it was OK, as angst for J&J. Boy, did they blow that one.
I'm with you about Fetch 1.0. While Higley did have issues with many things, Dan & Jen becoming closer & then starting to go out actually wasn't so bad. It's TomSell's post-Daysaster Fetch that's just gagworthy. I think that if MarDar hadn't brought MA back and had continued to work with Dan & Jen, we would have a different opinion. I'm not saying everyone would love them or think they were highly enjoyable, but I don't think we'd all hate them so much.
What's ironic about that for me is that I think TomSell thought that Fetch 1.0 was working fine and that MarDar were the amateurs who screwed up a good thing. Thus, they hastened to put Fetch back together, and in their arrogance thought they would "fix" it and show MarDar and the rest of us how it should have been done.

It's kind of poetic that the TomSell version is by far the worst of the lot.

As for outcry, I think backlash against Fetch 1.0 was muted because many thought it was setting up the return of Jack and an eventual JnJ reunion. To the extent that any of the writing teams thought Fetch was end game, all three sets got it wrong as far as I'm concerned.

ITA. I tolerated Fetch 1.0 because I assumed it was just setting up the oblibatory angst for MA's return. I readily admit killing Jack off for Fetch 2.0 is something I'll never forgive. If they had just split up J & J to reunite Fetch I would still ff them but I probably wouldn't be as vocal because I would still be interested in Jack's solo story and, let's face it, he was the more interesting of the two. But my Jack love isn't the only reason Fetch blows. There is no chemistry, no back story, charaters are continually being destroyed to prop them and the writing sucks.
All of this!

I, too, did not like Fetch 1.0 but I thought it would be the usual J&J story once Jack got back, so I tolerated Fetch as a means to an end, a J&J end. If I would have had any inkling as to how much of a bitch Jen Jen would have been to Jack upon his return, I would not have tolerated Fetch 1.0 If I could have anticipated how MR would play her J&J scenes with MA like a cold, dead fish, I would have loathed Fetch 1.0 from the beginning, because I do think they lack chemistry, substance, charisma and any sort of appeal I like in my soap couples.

Fetch is horrid and Jen Jen is equally horrific to me now. I have no use for Daniel either. They can go right off a cliff and I would be happy.
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