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Miss Rhi
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I've never been able to see the entire Dallas run concurrently but I saw seasons when we finally got SoapNet while it was on there and before that when it aired on TNN long ago. I still haven't seen the TV Movies though but since this series doesn't mention anything that happened in them it doesn't seem to matter. Soooooo I am familiar with some people they've brought back and some I'm not. I hate the way they are writing Cliff like he's just a nasty old crabby man obsessed with the past who has no depth and doesn't care about his family at all.

The only way they could excuse his behavior is to say he's senile, sick or something. From what I saw in old episodes to me I don't think the real Cliff would have ever put his daughter or grandchildren in danger like that as someone previously mentioned.

I meant to post before about Ted Shackelford's appearances and my Mom's reaction. She was a Knots Landing fan so I grew up on that more so then Dallas and watched more old episodes of it on TNT and Soapnet. When she saw Ted on Dallas recently she let out this gasp, asked me if I knew what happened to him and if he was sick. I'm wondering if he's sick too because he hasn't looked that bad when he's been on Y&R.

I want to love this reboot so much but as others have said it's just lacking in so many areas and when they do try to connect with Dallas 1.0 they do such a piss poor job of it. Elena is plain awful and needs to be killed off in a dramatic way like Pam was supposed to be. Another option would be to have her die from bulimia or anorexia since she looks like she has one or both of those diseases anyway. I like the guy who plays her brother more then her and would love it if they made him a viable character.

I could blather on but I'll spare you all the rest of my musings for now... :wine:
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