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Mar 30 2013, 11:28 AM
You know, I might get my butt kicked by some for saying this, but I'm going to put it out there: I find it odd that the arguably, the best storyline out there is a gay-potential gay bashing-homophobic-possible great venue for social storyline out there, with a headwriter who is gay (are Tomlin and Whitsell both gay?), yet the one that seems to get shoved down everyone's throat is a storyline where the heroine (and I use that term loosely) is played by an actress perceived as being not so gay friendly (either that, or she just really likes chicken). You would think Tomlin would want to write more for the Will storyline, a la Ryan Murphy with Glee, and focus on this pretty strongly (which I am all for. It's got great potential). Yet...........Does anyone else see the paradox? Or am I thinking too hard? I am willing to be corrected (nicely, of course, LOL)
I have been bitching about this for a few weeks. It seems to me that show has completely caved on the gay storyline and it disappoints me a lot because I feel like the show is doing what OLTL and ATWT (more OLTLT since ATWT sucked from the beginning but it was the first gay story on daytime so...) has done. It started of brave and strong and now it's almost non existent (ever since the holidays). The Will and Sonny seems are very short and choppy. I know they got the TV Guide promotion but that was back well before the holidays. I was just watching Soap Net and there is as new promo where all of the other main couples and characters are focused in it except for Will and Sonny. The fight between Sonny and Nick should have been heavily promoted but it wasn't. IMO that wast the most interesting thing that has happened on the show in past few weeks. Yet Dannifer who is the worst story on the show continues to be pimped and plays out 5 days a week. It's hard to promote a gay story that has very little writing involved or if there was more in depth writing, it has been edited out for the most part. The Will and Sonny reunion seemed completely chopped up. To me it seems they had some type of love scene that wasn't shown. Will and Sonny barely are barely even shown touching each other now. I get the baby story is the focus but that not stopping Nick and Gabi from having constant love scenes (and Gabi is 8 months pregnant and that is a risk to the child some times). And stories don't stop other couples from being shown romantic with each other. Sure, I'd love to see more promotion on the gay part of the baby story but to me the gay focus is not a focus at all. It's hidden behind everything else. Not sure if it is Days of our Lives or somebody higher up at NBC but the I won't be shocked if once the baby story is over, Will and Sonny are completely on the back burner and once Chandler's contract is up, Will and Sonny leave town together. I see nothing positive right now that tells me otherwise :shrug: . i feel this is OLTL all over again. Even Kish had a baby story.
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