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Mar 31 2013, 06:56 PM
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Mar 31 2013, 06:10 PM
I'm watching an old GH episode on soapnet. Greg Vaughan is playing Lucky. He is a great actor and I HAAAATE how they made him a priest on Days. Let him lose the collar already! He is capable of much more interesting storylines.
I am watching too. I liked him better as Lucky. They made a huge mistake making him a priest. They severely limited his options. And totally off topic, Sonny and Emily.... :x :yuk:
I don't mind Eric's being a priest---was a big fan of the original Thorn Bird mini-series, and the Ericole story makes me nostalgic. Although I am right there with you on Sonny and Emily. That was a huge WTF pairing.
Yeah, but I get the feeling they might have changed their minds on Ericole, because they want Eric to remain a priest, PERMENANTLY. And that would suck. I don't mind him being a priest temporarily, but for good? Uh, no thanks. No need to waste Greg Vaughan in a sex-less role.

I don't get that feeling at all.
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