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Mar 31 2013, 07:07 AM
Mar 30 2013, 05:00 PM
TV Guide Previews

4/1, Jennifer is forced to break up with Daniel; Kate's discovery threatens to expose Chloe's plan; Sami and Will start to reestablish a bond with Stefano; Vargas confronts Nick; Eric gets upsetting news.

4/2, A hurt Daniel lashes out at Chloe; John asks Sami for a favor involving his son; Kristen is once again approached by Sy, who wants hush money; Will realizes that Nick is rattled about something.

4/3, Kristen enlists EJ's help to deal with Sy; Sonny reveals Rafe and Kate's secret to Will; Chad and Abigail are determined to uncover Cameron's secret; Daniel pulls Jennifer into a passionate kiss.

4/4, Jennifer publicly humiliates Daniel; Lucas yells at Sami for moving Allie into the DiMera mansion; Vargas informs Nick that he's about to get his hands on some money; Abigail and Chad track Cameron to Chicago.

4/5, Daniel seeks comfort from Chloe; Hope and Kristen question Jennifer's motives for dumping Daniel; Eric reveals to Nicole that he may be getting transferred; Abigail and Chad are shocked when they discover Cameron's secret.
Looks like HELL week.

I don't exactly get why Sami and Will would bite the bullet and be grasping at straw's end to ask Stefano for help. Whatever happened to Kate, Roman, Marlena, Hope and most of all, Lucas? What happened to "family first"? Is this the writers' way of pimping EJami more? Sorry, IMO, I just do not see the point on why they have to be THAT desperate just yet. :shrug:

I am so SICK of Fetch. They just need to go away, please. If the writers want them to be together forever, then so be it and have them ride off the sunset to Africa and never to return. :rolleyes:

Lucas should do more than just yell at Sami for moving Allie into Di Mera mansion. I kind of wish he would file a sole custody case against Sami over Allie because I really think he would have 95% chance of winning this. Lucas has become Sami's doormat so I kinda wish that he would stick it to her again just like the old times. :blulaugh:
I totally agree with your entire post. Why do they need to get Stefano involved at all? I do not think that is a good idea at all.
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