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Viewing Single Post From: NBC Spoiler Pics week of April 1st

Mar 31 2013, 08:55 PM
I don't know how it's going to play out with John asking Sami to spy on Kristen. But I HOPE Marlena finds out and rips John a new asshole for dragging her daughter into it!

I actually hope Sami turns him down. And not because of her "loyalty" to EJ. But I want her to say something to John like, "Why should I help you when you have treated my mother like SHIT?!?!"
....the ideal situation would be for Sami to turn John down because she still harbors some resentment towards him for breaking up her parents' marriage (of course, Sami will NEVER get over this and will rub it in on John's face every chance she can get, when her "situation" calls for it), BUT...if she is going to blast John as to how he has treated Marlena, I would be a little pissed, because really, it's like pot calling the kettle black. Sami is not and will never be in the position to call out John's behavior towards Marlena. That will be total hypocrisy.

Oh wait, but Sami's middle name has always been "hypocrisy", right? :rolleyes:

I would rather it to be because of her "loyalty" to her "amour du jour" EJ, and then John can blast her back to say how can she cavort with the man who raped her, made her life miserable and most of all, even attempted to kill him? :blulaugh: And then she would reply back to say, "You and my mother have NEVER been there for me when I needed you most..." :rolleyes:

(It's one hell of a very vicious cycle when it comes to Sami and all of her relationships, romantic or not).
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