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Yeah, of all the bad messages Days sends, this one is pretty low on my list.

And while I do agree that they're dragging this, I'm very grateful for it. In October, I was just as over Nicole as I am Sami, EJ, and Rafe. This epically slow story has restored her personality back to where I liked her before and gotten me back in her corner. I wish they'd do likewise with the other three.
Yeah i know that days sends a lot of bad messages but thats how i am feeling right now. The vows to God are sacred and should be treated as such so for me i would like him to keep them. I know it wont happen and the show is dragging it out.
So think about Maria Von Trapp. Wouldn't it be worse if he broke his vows by having a sexual relationship with Nicole WHILE being a priest? Maria Von Trapp hadn't taken her vows, but she did discover she was meant for something else. I'm sure it happens more than you think. If (and I mean in real life), he was meant for something else, then the vows don't mean much, do they? Even taking a vow can be a mistake. Look at the divorce rate!

I don't think he's meant to have taken them lightly, BUT many people take vows like this in the emotion of the moment.

That being said, if they showed him serving God in another capacity (such as continuing with the prisoner program or something), that would be fine.

What am I saying? This IS a soap. If someone gets a wrong message about this, they shouldn't be watching a soap. There are a TON of wrong messages sent in a soap!
Are we talking about the real Maria Von Trap or the Hollywood romanticize verison of it.

I agree you shouldnt look to soaps to send a message. I just in my preference prefer he stays the way he is.
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