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^^ Personally, I think that the writers have done a good job on Nicole thus far --- in terms of making her fall from grace and then redeeming her...I was not a Nicole fan during her scheming days, but I am not in her corner and rooting for her. That said, I don't want the writers to make her fall from grace again by making her to be the one who will make the first move to make Ericole happen. I would rather not have Ericole happen at all rather than having Nicole make the first move. Nicole's character has always been the one who has chased after men, so I just want it for her to have someone who will find her worthwhile to be chased after. I just wish that the writers will just do it the "right" way and NOT the controversial way of doing things by making priest Eric go after Nicole, because it would still end up with Nicole looking bad in this situation given her history. Just make it simple, writers: Make Eric decide to leave priesthood and then go after Nicole (this is actually what John did before he made another clean break with Kristen back in 1995-1996). I don't mind seeing this again.

Sami is the biggest hypocrite among the Bradys. Everybody seems to forget that Marlena has given a mouthful on Sami when she told her about her romance with EJ. Marlena tried to advice her against it and gave her 2 cents, but all Sami did was huff, puff, and lumber around and whine some more. What is a mother to do? At the end of the day, Sami is an adult, and Marlena will not be the type to scheme behind her daughter's back trying to break them apart. With regards to Eric and Nicole, Eric has always been the "level-headed" kid compared to Carrie and Sami, so I would tend to think that Marlena trusts his judgement and trusts that he will do the right thing given that he is a priest....and given Nicole's history, it is understandable that Marlena would tend to distrust Nicole over Eric. I mean, what is Marlena supposed to do? Cheer when the day comes that Nicole has successfully seduced Father Eric out of the convent? Of course not. As a mother, I think that Marlena will support Eric if he ever decides to go out of priesthood and explore his options of a possible romance with Nicole, as long as they BOTH make a clean break and do things the right way. Eric and Sami may be twins, BUT they are nothing alike, and Eric is a "good" twin and Marlena trusts his judgement. It's a normal reaction. Marlena may be a psychiatrist by profession....but with her kids, she has to be a mother first, a friend second and a psychiatrist last.
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