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This is what causes me to worry about the Ericole storyline as a whole. I loved Ejole , but since they have made EJ into this wuss and insist on Ejami right now I just want a good storyline for Nicole. AZ for me is one of the strongest actresses on the show, and to see her wasted is annoying the heck out of me. I would like to see Eric , if they go with Ericole, to decide on his own to leave the priesthood and then pursue Nicole. However, with these writers and their love of squeezing fan fiction romances I can't see that happening. And yes, the Bradys will probably depict Nicole to be the Whore of all Whores with Semi leading the charge, and Marlena blowing a fit with vitrol while she has barely given a glance to Sami making her bed in the house of the man who has plotted repeatedly to ruin her family. THIS I think will annoy me more than anything, since if the Bradys are good at anything it would be hypocrisy.
AZ does nothing for me i am not really a fan of her or her character. I do think its silly that they are wasting her character living in convent of a chruch when she is former mrs dimera.

This Eric and Nicole storyline is dragging and it seems that Eric doesnt want her to have any fun and just stay in the chruch. Why cant so go out if she wants to. While i find her friendship with Chloe ridculous its a shame she is propping fetch.
I think that's actually where we're seeing his feelings for her at this point. I don't think he doesn't want her to have fun. I think he doesn't want her to find someone else. I just don't think he realizes that's what he wants.
I can see him not wanting to lose her if she was to go out. Because if she was to go out and find someone he would be alone and he likes the support and conversation she gives him. But i dont see Nicole abandoning him if she did find someone.
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