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Mar 31 2013, 10:34 PM
Mar 31 2013, 09:48 PM
^^^I think you have a point with Nicole propping Fetch, but I have found it more as Nicole tryingto stop Chloe from making a king sized idiot oit of herself. It's also part of her redemption tour apparently, since she is trying to help her "friend" Daniel.

Eta: I think its possible , but its also possible to enter the clergy and find your true calling is actually in the married life. I worked in a Catholic High School for five years, and two of my coworkers were former sisters in the order that ran the school. One actually married a former priest. There was no prejudice or penalty - they just chose incorrectly and were given an out. I am a practicing Catholic (heck, look at my name! If I weren't my mom would kill me ;). ) and I don't see a problem with it.
I dont see the point of the Nicole redemption tour. I dont think she needs to be redeeemed. She came on as a bad girl and she should stay that way. Her being goody goody and being at the chruch and propping fetch is boring.

Thats cool about the other stuff you said but i think the real story would be if he didnt leave the chruch and stay true vs giving it up then eventually being with Nicole then having everyone turn on her because even if eric says its his choice they will always blame her.
She's always getting blamed for something...why not something that makes her happy?

Anyway, I agree with those who say Eric's concern for Nicole's actions have to do with his growing attraction for her. It had better become obvious soon because his "I'm a Priest, That's Why!" excuse is getting old.
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