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This Sami we see on screen now dies a mysterious death....The audience discovers that the Sami that has just died, is not the real Sami....Stefano has had her replaced with a doppelganger and the real Sami is in Italy being held prisoner since mid 2007 by Stefano and his hench men.

I'm kind of in love with this idea. I would totally tie it into a major adventure, old-school style, where Will starts to piece things together and goes to Abby for help ('cause she's a journalism major now or something, who cares why- I'm still hooked on the idea of a Will/Abby friendship for some reason). They start to investigate and cross paths with Hope, who's doing a little research on Bo's true whereabouts. So, of course, they all join forces. And to clear her head of her man problems, Jennifer (secretly hoping to find Jack alive again) joins the team. Dan has to stay behind to care for his ailing mother and his kid.

Ultimately a whole bunch of Salemites wind up in Italy to rescue Sami and discover Bo's ultimate fate...only to face off against Kristen Dimera, the true mastermind behind all of it, and her pawns Brady (I love that concept, too) and- a total surprise to everyone- Belle Black (that's what Bo was secretly doing- working with Shawn Douglas to find Belle, without alarming anyone in Salem).

Relationships develop and fray against the background of the action instead of being the focus. And it's a summer thing with a special name, so there's a promise of a beginning middle and end, all nice and cohesive.

I'd have this lead into a Jen-goes-crazy story when she begins to see visions of Jack, who's not really alive but is being impersonated...by Peter Blake.
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