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Apr 1 2013, 07:08 AM
If Days didn't have a huge week this week, I'd worry, after the disaster from last week. This is what always happens, they have a huge dip and then they have a huge gain and then they have a huge dip again.....next week Mute and Ineffective be interesting (This past week's numbers)...they had a LOT of Dannifer around and that is never a good thing. I still think the show could do so much better that what it's doing and the ONLY saving grace for it now is that last March was so awful for the show that anything this years looks better in comparison. That said....comparing something to shit is pretty much that...still shit...but let's see how they do next week.

I don't know why GH dropped, the show is awesome right now, IMHO. Anyway....they Mute and Ineffective be shooting through the roof soon with the nurse's ball...they should hit highs...
There was a lot of Dannifer last week. In fact, I think Thursday and Friday were Dannifer episodes.
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