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Okay, these probably won't make the list, but some of my favorite H-ope scenes aren't necessarily spectacular or anything, but they help round out who she is as a person.

The first is a series of scenes between H-ope/Bo/J-ennifer/Jack on the island after Cruise of Deception. They're building a raft and the two men go off to search for more wood. The two women stay to talk and get it in their heads that they don't need to wait for the guys; they can rescue themselves and everyone else. It's nothing special, really. But I liked the humor and the "spunky female" aspects.

Second would be anything that showcased H-ope as a police detective. That used to be a big part of who she was. Her fans probably have better examples, but one that comes to mind is from early 2003 during the corrupt DA storyline. J-ennifer and H-ope confront one of the DA's female cohorts in an alley, and the bad girl stuffs one or both of them in a trunk and is about to get away. The two women end up rescuing themselves and taking down the bad girl as the guys arrive to tidy up. Again, fun and a testament to H-ope as a "strong woman."

Lastly, I don't know if this is about H-ope or more of a Bope scene, but I liked when Shawn D was born. Bo was there to help deliver their son and the aftermath was both funny and sweet. I h-ope someone can find that clip.

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