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Pop Up has never really been that important of a character to me. I can appreciate and respect her place on the show though. She's a core character if there ever was one. It's unfortunate what she's been left to do with Peter Reckell's exit. Kill off Bo please! But this isn't is about Bo. It's about Pop Up. I could only come up with two favorite Pop Up moments in my time watching the show. It seems most of Pop Up's iconic moments took place before I started watching in 1996, like the early Bope days, Bo kidnapping Pop Up on her wedding day, Bo and Pop Up's royal wedding, Shawn's birth, Cruise of Deception, Gina, etc.

Favorite Pop Up Moment #1 - Zack's death. When Lexie came out of the operating room to inform the family of Zack's passing, chills run down my spine the minute Pop Up starts shaking her head no. After that, Alfonso nails every emotion one could think a mother who just lost her child would face. That scream is blood-curdling. It gets me every single time. I remember feeling like Alfonso was robbed of an Emmy that year. Looking back, it was really just that one performance of hers that really got to me, and it only lasted a few seconds. Not exactly Emmy worthy. But still so damn good. And memorable.

The clip was already posted.

Favorite Pop Up Moment #2 - Pop Up confronts Belle about her affair with Philip. I don't think I ever enjoyed Pop Up more than when she knew about Belle and Philip's affair and kept quite about it. Alfonso played that meddling mother almost as good as Lauren Koslow. I loved every single scene Pop Up had with Belle. You could tell that Pop Up really cared about Belle, so she couldn't exactly dig into her like she would any other woman. On the other hand, it was Pop Up's son they were talking about, and she was only concerned in protecting his heart. She didn't want to see him hurt, so she kept quiet about the affair. It was some of the most realistic moments between a group of character I ever saw on DAYS. Everything was very realistic. I really felt like I was eavesdropping on real family members discussing a terrible family scandal. Proof that Pop Up would work much better with children who could use a meddling mother in their lives. Bring back Shawn or age Cousin Lover, damn it!


And I remember loving everything about the Princess Gina saga. Not sure if I would've liked how long it lasted as an adult viewer, but I loved it as a pre-teenager, LOL.
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