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TV Guide's Matt Roush had a minor, non-spoiler comment about Days in his Ask Matt column this week.


Question: In response to last week's discussion about same-sex intimacy on prime time, I agree that there's still an obvious double standard at work, both on network and cable shows (with the late Queer as Folk and The L Word being obvious exceptions). But I just wanted to note how impressed I've been with Days of Our Lives and the equal footing they've given W ill and S onny's romance. I'm sure opinions vary wildly on the actual storyline, but as far as on-screen intimacy goes, W ill and S onny have had multiple scenes featuring kisses, sex, cuddling in bed, etc. Even a gratuitous shower scene! I'd be surprised to see some of their intimate moments in prime time, let alone during the afternoon. Daytime soaps are obviously a dying breed, and while some things in Salem never change (I think S tefano DiMera w ill outlive us all!), I applaud Days for moving firmly into the 21st century and giving gay characters equal treatment. I also see your point about some things being left to the imagination.

On that note, FX seems to delight in pushing the envelope on The Americans! I'm loving the show and it doesn't bother me, but in recent episodes my eyebrows shot up more than once. As a Canadian, I'm not sure what the difference is between U.S. basic and premium cable show standards, but if there was previously a line in the sand, it seems like it's being washed away. -- Keira

Matt Roush: I don't keep up with much daytime TV -- thankfully, we have the excellent Michael Logan covering that side of things -- but I'm aware of this Days storyline, and agree with the points you make. That steamy shower scene was enough to make those oversexed Grey's Anatomy docs blush.
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