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Sweet and Salty

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I wasn't referring to Beaker when Mute and Ineffective did that. It was more towards Pappy when he came in. IA with Pat who said he was freaking beaming at him. That was just weird/odd.
He's trying to win him over. Beaker and Stomps McGee also had nervous smiles on their faces when Pappy walked in.
I understand that's what he was doing....but it was just so weird. I couldn't help but laugh because it was just so odd. He was smiling at him like he was trying to win him over or....ingratiate himself with Pappy? But the whole time I'm thinking....the last time you saw him you had a gun pointed at him. That whole scene was just all kinds of awkward. And the bowing....LOL! OMG...I'm not sure I can watch that scene again with a straight face. And they kept focusing on Mute and Ineffective's face! :lol: I know a lot of people complain about his smiling and it never really bothered me before. It really stuck out today though. I still love CM though.
I totally loved it!! They were having a blast, I think! Sucking up! They were all so "uncomfortable"...and how they got grossed out at Stephies entertaining of Sicily! A scene to remember!!
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