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Brandi saying Kyle is secretly wanting Kim to fail.

Was it harsh and maybe mean spirited? Yeah. But I see it. I really do, and have long before tonight. There is definitely some degree of munchausens (or whatever) there. Kyle needs to be the caregiver and Kathy's not around so Kim becomes the object of this.

She spent the entire year doubting Kim's sobriety in her interviews and planting the seeds of doubt with the audience that she was falling off the wagon and I never understood as a sister how she could do that. And it was more than the one comment they disected in the reunion. Every time Kim would blink it was "she wont answer the phone, here we go again", "what will I find behind the door?" ... STFU! you know you found nothing behind the door, you taped this months ago. Why are you propogating this?! I'm very glad Kim called her out on that.
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