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I thought Brandi's comment was unnecessary. But, Kim and Kyle seemed over it by the end of the show, so it's like...eh, whatever. No big deal.

Interesting that Kyle was called out as being two-faced by both Lisa and, in her own way, Kim. I wonder if she'll learn from that.

Adrienne is going to slaughter these women for doubting the abuse story she was peddling to the papers through her unofficial spokesperson. That should be more interesting than the reunion, if the anti-Kyle post we've already seen is a taste of what's to come.

OC- I'm not sure how this is going to work if Alexis is by herself until the new chick comes on. Looked like Tamra and Vicki mend their relationship a little bit though, from some of the previews. I just hope all the drama is explained on air this season. Luckily it seems like they don't really speak outside of filming so there shouldn't be a whole lot of hidden drama in the background.
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