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Apr 1 2013, 04:16 PM
Yeah, Chicken Nugget can go fuck off. I can't believe they are using Jack like this. This would only make sense if I actually believed anything coming out of her mouth. Every word she said about Jack just seemed like a big fat lie and it makes me sick. These Fetch scenes are just so bad. That one scene where Orange Glow is in the background talking about how he and Chicken Nugget are going to be together forever and he's got this stupid grin on his face.....he looked like an idiot. And speaking of stupid grins.....

Loved the Mute and Ineffective/Beaker scenes. But when Pappy comes in....I have to agree about Mute and Ineffective. WTF was he doing? I had to LOL at the way he was acting. His goofy grin the whole time.... :blulaugh: and the weird half bow. I really didn't know what to make of it. And I LOVE Mute and Ineffective. But that was weird, I have to admit.

I wasn't really feeling the whole My name is Vargas call me Vargas love until today. Those scenes with "Nicky"....he just lit up! They do have chemistry. My name is Vargas call me Vargas is a whole different person with Straight Boy, than he is with everyone else...and I like it. I just thought the guy playing him was a bad actor....but I don't think that's the case now. He's just holding back with everyone else, trying to be the good guy. And Straight Boy....he's shitting his pants now. I LOVE IT!
Ahh ok, I get this. This is a 1 April fool joke. :) LOL, funny!
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